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GenArts Sapphire 7.04 – plugins tạo kỹ xảo phim ảnh cho Adobe After Effect và Adobe Premiere Pro

Chủ đề thuộc danh mục 'Adobe After Effects' được đăng bởi DGB, 3/9/15.

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    GenArts Sapphire cho After Effects là bộ plugins tạo kỹ xảo , nó có thể dùng được cả cho Adobe Premiere Pro và Autodesk Combustion. Sapphire Plug-in có tới 250 kỹ xảo hiệu ứng về : ánh sáng, EdgeRays,Lightning, FilmEffect, Warps và Textures, vv .. Những hiệu ứng của nó đảm bảo sẽ làm bạn hài lòng..
    Plugins này được sử dụng để làm nên những kỹ xảo trong những bộ phim kinh điển như: Cướp biển vùng Caribbean 1, 2, và 3 , Spider-Man 1 , 2 và 3 , Superman Returns , The Chronicles of Narnia , The Lion , The Witch và The Wardrobe , Chúa tể của những chiếc nhẫn , Star Wars – Episode I , II, III , Sin City, The Matrix trilogy , X-Men 1 , 2 và 3 , Titanic , Lost và CSI , vv… nào mời bạn xem demo vieo giới thiệu về plugin này

    Thông tin phần mềm
    – Endless creative possibilities
    – The quantity of visual effects allows for countless effect-blending options
    – Ease and speed of use is a cost-effective time-saver
    – More time available for creativity and high-quality end results
    – Blazing fast performance maximizes productivity
    – Remarkably organic and natural-looking photoreal results
    – Quickly and easily iterate on effect looks
    – Visual control of look creation
    – Quick reference for all effect parameters
    – Convenience of multiple platform options
    – Highly reliable engine
    – Over 250 visual effects
    – Resolution-independent
    – GPU-accelerated for Nvidia CUDA cards
    – Multiprocessor support
    – 32-bit float support
    – Intuitive user interface
    – On-screen UI widgets for many video effects
    – Offline HTML and PDF documentation included
    – Create unique natural and organic lighting using rays, lens flare, zap, glare, glint, and glow effects
    – Create backgrounds and organic displacement maps using a large selection of texture generators
    – Choose from a wide variety of fast-processing color channel, directional, and defocus blurs
    – Stylize and color-correct your footage with a selection of effects including FilmEffect, HalfTone, Vignette, BleachBypass, and Cartoon
    – Free unlimited render licenses
    – Same license works on Adobe Premiere Pro, and also Apple Final Cut Pro (if used on the same machine)
    DOWNLOAD GenArts Sapphire 7.04GenArts Sapphire 7.04 – pl
    New in Sapphire Plug-ins v7 for After Effects:
    * Beauty – A new effect that leverages the new EdgeAware technology to beautify talking heads by softening and color correcting skin tones.
    * EdgeAwareBlur – Powered by our new EdgeAware technology, this effect allows you to blur while preserving detail.
    * Advanced Sharpen – The Sharpen tool has been updated with the ability to sharpen features of different amounts and sizes for increased flexibility and control.
    * LensFlare – Now enhanced with faster rendering, animation options, atmospheric noise, and presets to duplicate popular real-world lenses.
    * Zap – Updated to include 3D rotation and the option to follow a path, giving you the option to control the shape it takes.
    * Motionblur – Has been added to many effects, giving them a more realistic look.
    * New Transitions – FilmRoll and CardFlip are two new dynamic transitions with multiple controls to diversify the output. FlutterCut has been enhanced with more options including new controls and color options.
    * Faster – Added GPU support for more plug-ins and an optimized GPU code to provide up to a 20% speed increase per effect
    * More presets – Over 2,500 presets
    * Preset sharing – Now you can share presets across host platforms (for Autodesk conversion, please contact us directly)
    Changes in GenArts Sapphire AE v7.04:
    – Fixed a hang when Sapphire is used with Miranda’s VAF output plugin.
    – RackDfComp: fixed a bug that could cause incorrect results with a non-premultiplied Middle input.
    – LensFlare: fixed a bug where Show Center Zone didn’t match the shape of the trigger zone.
    – Effects which pass through the alpha channel now render faster on the GPU.
    – Added support for drag-and-drop transitions in Premiere Pro CC 7.1.
    – Fixed a problem where widgets were sometimes drawn in the wrong location on AE Creative Cloud or Premiere Pro.
    – LensFlare: fixed a bug where Occlusion Layers parameters were hidden in 3D mode.

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