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[Niteco] Tuyển dụng 01 Junior Graphic Designer

Chủ đề thuộc danh mục 'Tuyển dụng việc làm' được đăng bởi Bui Thi Nhung, 8/9/14.

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  1. Bui Thi Nhung Mới đăng kí

    Niteco is a 100% FDI Company and is a fast growing software development company with partners and clients in Europe, US and Australia. We are currently starting up several new development teams for international clients, to handle our various software development needs and mobility projects. For this reason, we are looking for qualified experienced people to join our company.

    Job description

    We are looking for a Junior Graphic Designer who will report to the Lead Designer and be responsible for all internal design activities and support customer projects. You will have opportunities to work and learn in a professional, dynamic, and creative environment - training and mentoring for this role will be provided by the Lead Designer.


    Duties and responsibilities for the Junior Graphic Designer will be, but not limited to, the following:

    - Involved in designing web interfaces, mobile applications

    - Design advertising materials, media graphic, brand identity

    - Support the team in satifying customers’ requirements

    - Opportunities to gain pratical knowledge and exeprience

    - Full-time working in Hanoi

    Job requirements

    - Bachelor’s degree with a major in Art/Interaction design or equivilent.

    - Strong skills using design tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, (CorelDraw) ...

    - Experienced in website and priting design

    - Knowledge of HTML/CSSS is a plus

    - Good English skills

    - Passionate about design, multimedia, advertising and PR

    - Ability to work in a team and indepedently

    - Personal profile: creative, eager to learn, hard working, and patience of excellent


    Successful candidates can expect competitive remunerations and a dynamic, conducive working environment.

    We believe that training and education is key to your and the team’s success, so we strive to create an open environment where we discuss our code, share ideas, and do informal code reviews. For this progressive idea-sharing environment purpose, you will be receiving relevant training on current and future technologies.

    Other benefits include:

    - Attractive salary and bonus package

    - Annual bonuses and monthly allowances based on Labor Law and NITECO policy.

    - NITECO – AON Healthcare insurance plan for all employees.

    - Annual company vacation and team building package.

    - Being a part of a competent team in an international company with a strong growth potential.

    - Working in a progressive environment and state of the art working space with dual monitors and a wonderful view over the Hanoi city skyline

    To Apply

    - Please submit your application letter and updated resume with ”Junior Graphic Designer” in the subject line via hr@niteco.se

    - Attach your samples of web and printing design

    - Include your contact detail, phone number, current and expected salary

  2. ngoc.9294

    ngoc.9294 Thành viên cấp 1

    Dear Ms Nhung,

    i really want to work in your compay,but my skill is only some sorfware about printing design like Photoshop, Illustrator, (CorelDraw) ...
    I used to study about HTML and CSS but i've got nothing. By these time i still a girl living by my parent's money. Now i know what i need and Sould i try because i have not to waste my time and my money.
    Can i sent my CV to your company? If you or your company accept, i will try my best and receive what you trainning.

    Thank you very much!
    Bui Thi Nhung thích bài viết này
  3. Bui Thi Nhung

    Bui Thi Nhung Mới đăng kí

    Hi Ms. Ngoc,

    You're welcome to apply to Niteco Vietnam. Please send your updated CV and one of your sample via hr@niteco.se. Our HR department would contact you when you are considered as short listed candidate.

    Many thanks,

    Niteco Vietnam Company Limited
  4. ngoc.9294

    ngoc.9294 Thành viên cấp 1

    Excuseme, Can i sent the CV by Vietnamese?
  5. Bui Thi Nhung

    Bui Thi Nhung Mới đăng kí

    We only receive CV in English.

  6. ngoc.9294

    ngoc.9294 Thành viên cấp 1

    Tks, i will sent my CV later.

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