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Tuyển Head of UI/ UX

Chủ đề thuộc danh mục 'Tuyển dụng việc làm' được đăng bởi thuythuy, 11/6/15.

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  1. thuythuy Mới đăng kí

    4 Things make you become an ideal candidate of Head of UI/UX that we are looking for:

    1. Expert understanding of user-centered design principles

    2. Deep creative design background, illustration and visual design skills

    3. Incessant passion for commercial web and mobile design

    4. An outstanding portfolio
    Please get in touch directly with us via v.thuytt13@adayroi.com



    Invested by Vingroup, Vinecom is a promising new player in the ecommerce industry in Vietnam.

    With solid and successful experiences in other ventures such as Vinpearl, Vinhomes, etc., Vingroup has recently expanded its strengths to the e-commerce sector. Therefore, Vinecom aspires to be a trustworthy online shopping center with enormous transaction activities. This website is where you will experience the best products and services.

    Aiming to lead Vingroup to be the top private enterprise in Vietnam, Vinecom utilizes an extensive network of distributors and retailers. With great efforts to create a close-knit connection among consumers, suppliers and distributors, our ambition is to become the most profitable online business in Vietnam. Find and join to experience the best place to do your online shopping.

    Given our tremendous growth, we are searching for dynamic, entrepreneurial, broad-minded individuals to be part of our rapidly expanding team! Join our diverse and motivated team to hone in on your creativity as well as implement new initiatives within a nurturing, equal opportunity environment!

    4 outstanding and unique benefits that a Head of UI/UX can find only at VinEcom:

    1. The biggest e-commerce firm in Vietnam: You will have the opportunity to work in an e-commerce company that has the largest number of verticals.

    2. An innovative startup business’s culture: You will join a bright team of dedicated people and have lots of opportunities to make a difference.

    3. An ideal working environment: You will work with a spirit of initiative, responsibility, and efficiency.
    Extensive professional exposure: You will get chances to coordinate with people who are expert in online business and you will join them on some marketing projects for VinEcom.


    1. Lead a design team that is known for practical solutions to business problems, user empathy, an artist’s eye, and collaboration

    2. Create mobile and desktop user experiences that attract target customers, compel them to return, and enable them to purchase a home with confidence and ease.

    3. Brainstorm and mock-up design ideas

    4. Work closely with product managers, engineers to deliver on quarterly business and customer goals through innovation in a cross-functional team setting.

    5. Explore innovative UI/UX solutions and identifying usability problems

    6. You will also be tasked with design related projects which will show your creativity


    1. 3+ years of experience with UI/UX design

    2. A passion for research, creative design, user-oriented products.

    3. Experience with Adobe Creative Suite or similar design tools (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.)

    4. Experience with front-end technologies like, HTML (5), CSS (3)

    5. Broad understanding of the technical fundamentals of the web, design for the web, industry best practices, responsive design, and data-driven visualizations

    6. Experience with JavaScript frameworks like, jQuery, DWR

    7. The innovation, Aesthetic well.

    Please get in touch directly with us via v.thuytt13@adayroi.com


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