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[HCM] YouNet Digital: Junior Graphic Designer

Chủ đề thuộc danh mục 'Tuyển dụng việc làm' được đăng bởi T Linh, 7/10/16.

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  1. T Linh Mới đăng kí

    YouNet Digital is a member of YouNet Group - a leading complete Social Solutions provider in Vietnam & SEA.

    Our craftsmen create everything in digital with lively imagination and updated technology for your specific needs and building your business by connecting your brand with customers and ultimately, driving sales.

    With advanced Social platforms, we truly understand what motivates, inspires and excites your customers, we then provide exceptional insight to produce creative and results-driven marketing solutions.

    Job description:

    · From websites to mobile apps, social media campaigns or games, you’ll work closely with the digital teams to design and deliver breakthrough digital experiences.

    · You have a strong knowledge of the digital space and can show our teams and clients the right design direction.

    · You contribute to all sorts of design and production support to the team. Focusing on innovation and quality.

    · Inspire and collaborate with your co-workers to produce inventive, thoughtful, relevant work for clients.

    · Experiment with new tools and techniques to improve your work.

    · Cultivate an understanding of industry trends and share your insights with the team.

    · Participate and facilitate brainstorming sessions.

    Job Requirements:

    · Have ~1 year experience in the same position in digital agencies.

    · Photoshop and Illustrator.

    · Have solid background in design with a rich understanding of Typography, Color, Composition & Layout.

    · Understand and appreciate best practices for Web design – Technologies, applications, platforms, and limitations.

    · Can demonstrate range in both concept and final design solutions.

    · Have an extremely high regard for details.

    · Are able to manage multiple tasks and deadlines without losing your way.

    · Can not only develop your own concepts/designs but are also able with collaborating with the team to enhance every project and are not above any task

    · Passionate about what you do, not just chasing a paycheck

    · Have a strong positive attitude. So strong that it is contagious.


    · Net salary: Negotiable

    · Get training in social media analysis, brand analysis.

    · Work in dynamic environment

    · Periodic health examinations.

    Please send your CV & Portfolio to email: linhtt@younetco.com

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