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Brand New Share Fenotype Alek $50

Chủ đề thuộc danh mục 'Download Font chữ' được đăng bởi HomMum, 5/10/13.

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  1. HomMum Thành viên cấp 2

    Brand New Share Fenotype Alek // "EXCLUSIVE" for vietdesigner
    Warning : Cannot be Shared or Posted outside.. "vietdesigner forum"



    Warning : Cannot be Shared or Posted outside.. "vietdesigner forum"

    Jennyvo47, .anhnguyen, locnd83 người khác thích bài viết này.
  2. N.P

    N.P Thành viên cấp 4

    Oh, tk you, I don't have ornaments :D
  3. HomMum

    HomMum Thành viên cấp 2

    Cheers NP!, Grab the ornaments :)
    huutai, fireflies19, Harry Lâm1 người khác thích bài viết này.
  4. EasyV

    EasyV Thành viên cấp 1

    thanks a lot! :D
  5. Bean Seven

    Bean Seven Thành viên cấp 2

  6. b0yHN_96

    b0yHN_96 Thành viên cấp 4

    tks 4 share :)
  7. HomMum

    HomMum Thành viên cấp 2

    You guys are welcome to share too..
    Make sure no fonts leaks from this forums.. Then i share more..

    Thanks guys :)
    locnd, EasyV, Lose Myself12 người khác thích bài viết này.
  8. Bladeknight

    Bladeknight Mới đăng kí

    What a beautiful font. Thank for your sharing :x
  9. Harry Lâm

    Harry Lâm Mới đăng kí

    Thank for share
  10. k9999

    k9999 Mới đăng kí

    Thank you very much! You are a genial person, we really appreciate you for your contributions, and I hope that this mistake will not happen again. ^^
  11. tik_tok

    tik_tok Thành viên cấp 1

    thks so much :D
  12. legend1994

    legend1994 Mới đăng kí

    thanks you:D
  13. AnhVinh

    AnhVinh Mới đăng kí

    Dear HomMum, there's no word on earth can describe how thankful i am. Thank you very much, best wishes for you!
    Từ Thu Thảo thích bài viết này
  14. tphat.speed

    tphat.speed Thành viên cấp 1

    Thank you very much .... ^_^ ! <3
    I hope we will make extensive font library Vietdesigner :)
  15. Dautismat

    Dautismat Mới đăng kí

    thanks for sharing HomMum , very appreciate what you are doing :)
  16. HomMum

    HomMum Thành viên cấp 2

    I am Designer myself :)
    I help designers who buys fonts..
    I buy fonts too..

    So if members here co-operate more..
    So looking for donors & volunteers.. who can contribute money to buy fonts for this community..
    Then I can bring best of the fonts to this community.. Strictly with No leaks allowed outside vietdesigner..

    Say 4 members need a Partcular Font Helvetica Neue Com.. They can all contribute small amount..
    I can contribute too.. We buy the font & bring the font to the "vietdesigner" community
    EasyV, vincentpham.106, skeeto9 người khác thích bài viết này.
  17. Đậu_Xanh

    Đậu_Xanh Thành viên cấp 1

    HomMum Tks for sharing buddy, your fonts are really nice and very helpful, i appreciate your contributions for this forum. Besides, i see that's a pity when an anonymous leaks your fonts outside and even nearly breaks our chances to recive your generosity. Hope we can together develope this forum and recieve your helps in design works :)
  18. HomMum

    HomMum Thành viên cấp 2

    Cheers and Thanks @Đậu_Xanh
    You just got my point correct..
    Bcoz at the end the other members looses more than the person who leaked..

  19. JusTa Khôi

    JusTa Khôi Thành viên cấp 3

    Thanks 4 Share :D
  20. Đậu_Xanh

    Đậu_Xanh Thành viên cấp 1

    HomMum Surely nobody in forum wanna lose the chance to receive your beautiful fonts and many memebers thank you, but might be i need to explain something for you (if not there would be misunderstanding in this community): Actually, we respect your requests of sharing, but this is a public forum, where anyone cans see every threads in here (including guests all over the world - those who didn't register to be member, and forum's members too). Hope we can find a way to solve the situation of leaking.

    P/s: I see that's a good spirit when sharing those expensive fonts (i took a look at the link in your profile)
    EasyV thích bài viết này
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