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Công ty Linagora tuyển lập trình viên/ quản trị viên làm việc tại Hà Nội

Chủ đề thuộc danh mục 'Tuyển dụng việc làm' được đăng bởi Linagora Vietnam, 20/10/15.

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  1. Linagora Vietnam Mới đăng kí

    About us:
    Linagora is a French leading company in Open Source Software. We have offices in France, Belgium, US, Canada, Vietnam and Tunisia.
    We develop REAL free and open source software to help public administrations and enterprises to boost their performance and remain independent from vendors lock-in.

    Full Stack JavaScript Developer

    Job Discription:
    In order to sustain its growth, Linagora is looking for a full stack JavaScript developer for its new collaboration suite. Do you see web technologies as a passion? Can't sleep without having read JavaScript at least once? Ever dreamed of being paid to write completely open source software? Let's meet!
    Linagora's OpenPaaS team is working on a social network for enterprises, built on modern technologies. We use AngularJS, Bootstrap, NodeJS, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Socket.io, Redis, WebRTC and many more.
    Our work is organized using Scrum and its best practices: Splitting up functionality into user stories, sprint planning, sprint reviews and software design meetings. We use continuous integration, pull requests and code reviews.
    You should be a generalist who likes to build scalable real time systems. You will take part in designing the application and choosing the technologies used for implementation, your suggestions are important. Aside from writing the code itself, writing tests is equally important.


    You must bring along the following skills:
    - Strong knowledge of JavaScript
    - Experience with at least some of the following technologies: NoSQL, AngularJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, graph databases, Ionic, Cordova.
    - Version control systems, especially git.
    - Awareness of latest technologies and the discipline to know when to make use of them instead of using a proven solution.
    - Good level in English

    - Eventually an experience in UI and UX design.

    Java Developer – Messaging and Collaboration Server

    Job description:

    In order to sustain its growth, Linagora is looking for a Java developer for its new collaboration suite. Like working on the critical parts of servers? Horizontal application scaling is not a foreign word for you? You wouldn't miss an episode of The Java Posse for the world? Ever dreamed of being paid to write completely open source software? Let's meet!
    Linagora contributes to the Apache Software Foundation and its community to build an open source mail server. Our ambition is simple: we want to offer the first open source mail server that is completely scalable and cloud enabled. We started by adding a storage backend to Apache Cassandra. Now we would like to add ElasticSearch to the picture. We are seeking a Java Developer to join us in this endeavor.
    In this position, you will work with the team to set new milestones for our roadmap, add new features, and improve test automation to cover cloud operations. You are the driving force behind this project.


    You must bring along the following skills:
    - Strong background in Java development.
    - Experience with at least some of the following technologies: NoSQL, SMTP, IMAP, Sieve, ElasticSearch, OpenStack
    - Version control systems, especially git.
    - Curiosity towards new technologies
    - Good level in English

    Open Source System Admin / Integrator

    Job Description:

    You are looking for an attractive position in Open Source and would like to work in Open enterprise and join in its innovative projects you never find before. Our values: Use Open Source to surpass limits and build the free Open Source solutions of the future. Your work consists of presales, architecture, conception, implementation, Proof of Concept, technology watch, management of high availability and high performance.
    You will work on the following aspects:
    • Technical specifications
    • Technical Architecture
    • PoC of Open Source for Resilience and Scalability
    • Deployment
    • Data migration
    • Training and support
    • Project Management


    - Engineer in IT, at least 2 years of experience in a similar position, with knowledge of project management.
    - You master the following technologies:
    - GNU/Linux Administration
    - LVM2
    - NAS/SAN
    - Nagios Project Management (Guidance, planning, Client relation)
    - Directory: LDAP ( OpenLDAP in particularly)
    - Messaging: Cyrus/Postfix
    - Web server: Apache
    - Database: PostgresSQL Scripting (Bash, Python)
    - Experience in deploying Open Source messaging solution


    - Professional & English speaking environment, work in team and learn from French & Vietnamese experts in Open Source
    - Laptop provided
    - Social insurance
    - 13th salary
    - Holiday package
    - Other compulsory benefits by law

    - New graduate: around $500
    - Experienced candidate: around $700
    Salary may vary based on your ability.

    Availability: Immediate

    If you are interested, please send an email with your CV in English as soon as possible to email: Vietnam@linagora.com


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