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Chủ đề thuộc danh mục 'Tài nguyên làm video' được đăng bởi wancheung, 19/11/19.

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    The Complete World Travel Map ToolKit 23662625 Videohive – Free Download After Effects Templates

    After Effects CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2016, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5 | No Plugins | Resizable | 210 Mb

    Map ToolKit Info:
      • Use the Toolkit to create a promo, tell your journey, animate your travels and show your holiday destination. Included designs and graphics can be used for different types of travel / tourist agency ads, social media promotion (instagram, facebook, snapchat), vacation story, road trip, tour guide exploring the world, YouTube show, vlog, or hotel and tourism commercial.
      • The Complete Vector World Map. 15+ Features and Map layers, including 240 labeled countries, regions and islands, lakes, rivers, roads, city borders, vector relief layers, and extra features; paper textures, frames, grid, etc.
      • Pinpoint and illustrate the places you can visit with the help of 15 Title Designs in 3 dimensions, wide 16×9, square 1×1, and vertical 9×16 aspect ratio. Designs can be rendered at any size you want, Full HD (1080p), 4K, 8K, or more.
      • Create any kind of Map Design using pre-made controls to easily edit all Map Features. Template includes 15 Design Presets, Google Maps styles, simple and realistic satellite look, minimal, detailed, vintage, old, dark or bright designs.
    • Highlight any or multiple countries in the World. Choose to display and customize with any Color. Create animations using the included 4 travel line variations, featuring 17 travel icons, from planes, cars, helicopter, bus, boat, bike, etc. Lines are highly customizable with individual controls. Similar easy use and customization you’ll find on the pointer/tag designs, with 6 Pointer options and lots of controls.
      • Easiest process possible, even complete beginners will have no problem getting started. Drag and Drop setup for everything, use as many Lines and Pointers, and highlight as many Countries as you need. Fully Customizable Icons, Pointers, and Lines, created using After Effects Shapes.
      • Changes and Editing can all be done through Control Layers available for every Map, Pointer, Line, and Title Design. When applicable Titles ca be rendered with Alpha.
      • Basic Responsive Comp with a Map, two Pointers, and a Line, ready to be customized and rendered at any size or dimension is also included for anyone who is looking for something quick and simple.
    • Template comes with two projects, one that also includes the Promo. So if you see anything that you like in the Preview Video, you’ll find it ready on the Project as well.
    Template Features:
    • 15 MAP Presets
    • 15 MAP Features
      • 01: Relief [Water]
      • 02: Relief [Land]
      • 03: World Shape [Solid]
      • 04: 240 Separate Countries
      • 05: Shaded Countries [Solid]
      • 06: Rivers
      • 07: Lakes
      • 08: Country Borders
      • 09: Big States Borders
      • 10: City Borders
      • 11: Roads
      • 12: Country Name Points
      • 13: Country Names [Text Layers]
      • 14: World Water Names [Text Layers]
      • 15: Extra Features [Optional]
        • 01: Grid
        • 02: Frame [2 Options]
        • 03: Legend
        • 04: Paper Texture [2 Options]
    • 4 Animated Line Types
      • 01: Arch
      • 02: Straight
      • 03: Curved
      • 04: Random
    • 6 Travel Pointers
    • 17 Travel Icons
      • 01: Airplane 01
      • 02: Airplane 02
      • 03: Helicopter
      • 04: Car
      • 05: Car [Top View]
      • 06: Bus
      • 07: Tram
      • 08: Cruise Ship
      • 09: Boat
      • 10: Motorcycle
      • 11: Scooter
      • 12: Bicycle
      • 13: Bicycle + Man
      • 14: Walking
      • 15: Electric Scooter
      • 16: Paper Plane [Stroke]
      • 17: Paper Plane [Fill]
    • 15×3 Title Designs, Wide [16×9], Square [1×1], Vertical [9×16]
    • Resizable, Render at any Size [1080p, 4K, 8K]
    • Super Easy Drag and Drop Setup
    • Add as many Pointers and Lines as you want
    • Original Maps and Textures
    • Easy Customization with Controls
    • For After Effects CS5.5 and Above
    • Works with All AE Languages
    • Video Tutorial Included
    • Fully Customizable
    • No Plugins Required
    Tải The Complete World Travel Map ToolKit 23662625 Videohive tại Google Drive


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