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[HCMC] MediaQuark Web Designer

Chủ đề thuộc danh mục 'Tuyển dụng việc làm' được đăng bởi HR Team, 22/6/15.

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  1. HR Team Mới đăng kí

    MediaQuark is an exciting new digital startup based out of Singapore and Vietnam. We provide data and targeting solutions for digital advertising.
    Company size: 5-10

    Job Description

    We are looking for an experienced and highly creative web designer with interests and capabilities in providing both analytical as well as highly creative ideas to a design engagement. The ideal candidate requires strong problem solving skills and independent self-direction, coupled with an aptitude for team collaboration and open communication.
    The designer will work closely with the team to create our website, dashboards, all of our digital marketing materials (design templates for brochures, research papers, PPT decks, sales documents, etc) and ensure brand cohesion across all our assets. You will be instrumental in contributing to our upcoming product and to the development of our dynamic and fast-growing company.

    - Research on latest trends in visual and interaction design
    - Produce visual design (layout, UI, graphic) for websites, products, logos, and campaigns based on concept provided
    - Work closely with the marketing team to design and deliver breakthrough digital experiences
    - Have a strong knowledge of the digital space
    - Guide the team to the right design direction

    - More than one year of experience designing for Web on both desktop and mobile devices
    - Expert knowledge of Photoshop, AI, Wordpress templates and associated design tools
    - Exceptional design skills, production value and attention to detail
    - Working knowledge of HTML, CSS
    - Understand the practices for Web design – Technologies, applications, platforms, and limitations
    - Have a solid background and understanding of Typography, Color, Composition, & Layout
    - Ability to create wireframes, visual design composite
    - Ability to provide both concept and final design solutions
    - Strong conceptualization and visual communication ability, drawing skills and sketchbook technique

    - Excellent written and spoken English and Vietnamese
    - Bachelor degree in related fields
    - Flexible and independent, great Interpersonal skills and team work
    - Resilient, proactive, and determined to achieve goals

    Work location: Ho Chi Minh City
    Salary: Commensurate with experience

    CV in English should be sent by e-mail to vuong@mediaquark.com

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