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Indian Type Foundry | Blonde Script (1 font) ~ $50

Chủ đề thuộc danh mục 'Download Font chữ' được đăng bởi phongchuviet, 26/6/16.

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    Blonde Script is a single font full of stylistic alternates. It includes special glyphs for price tags; catchword glyphs like ‘for’, ‘of’, ‘the’, and ‘with’; and even a handwritten heart symbol. The font’s design is perfect for cafés and restaurants. Use it for menus, placards, and other point of sale advertisements. Text set in Blonde Script, with its normal setting, maintains a rather even baseline; however, as soon as Stylistic Set 1 or 2 are activated, the letters begin to dance. Their movement becomes more fluid and informal. Blonde Script has so many OpenType features that it even offers Small Caps – quite an unusual bonus for a script typeface. The font includes three kinds of figures, too.


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