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[KMS Technology] Tuyển Java Web

Chủ đề thuộc danh mục 'Tuyển dụng việc làm' được đăng bởi KMSRecruitment, 10/6/14.

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  1. KMSRecruitment Mới đăng kí

    • You will be responsible for maintaining & developing our existing e-commerce platform whilst identifying and executing new solutions to allow our business to scale and grow
    • You will be working on the front lines with our talented UI/UE team to provide the application layer and services for our online community and growing client services
    • Assist in migrating some legacy applications from WebObjects/EOF to Amazon EC2 based Java services
    • Use best of breed technologies and agile development methodologies to build a component-based and service oriented architecture
    • Ensure proper technical design and documentation
    • Proactively identify areas for improvement/scaling our current architecture and application design to keep pace with the growth and performance demands of our customers and product roadmap
    • Support, maintain and administer existing deployed solutions
    • Interface with cross-functional engineering and QA teams providing support with technical solutions and performance analysis
    Qualifications and Education Requirements:
    • BS in Computer Science, Software Engineering or equivalent
    • 5 + years hands on software and web development with Java/J2EE
    • A proven track record developing online services utilized in high-availability production environments
    Skills and Technical Requirements:

    • Strong skills in Java programming, Java design patterns, and server side Java
    • Strong understanding of Design Patterns
    • Strong background in object-oriented architectures and proven experience in using design patterns, UML, Object Oriented analysis and design
    • Experience with XML-RPC/SOAP/REST web services
    • Application design tools/framework – Spring, Hibernate, Apache projects, Maven, Ant, Eclipse, etc.
    • Experience with WebObjects/Tapestry Framework is expected. Will be trained of hired.
    • Experience working in high performing development teams using agile methodologies and tools (eg. Rally)
    • Experience with various code versioning systems such as Subversion etc
    • Design and implement data models and data access layer for new product functionality
    • Ability to multi-task and switch context to changing priorities in a highly dynamic environment
    • Excellent troubleshooting skills, especially in a complex application stacks
    • Experience in working with or directing off-shore development teams
    To apply: Send us your Resume to career@kms-technology.com
    To give us your concern: (+84) 8 3811 9977 Ext: 1613-4-5
    To find more about us: kms-technology. com


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