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[ Tutorial ] Skillshare - Learn to Create Concept Art Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Chủ đề thuộc danh mục 'Manipulation' được đăng bởi dvh155, 4/4/16.

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  1. dvh155 Thành viên cấp 2


    Skillshare - Learn to Create Concept Art Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

    About This Class

    Welcome to the class 'Learn to create Abstract Concept Art- Photo Manipulation in Photoshop for Beginners!'
    Give wings to your Creativity & Start Creating Powerful Abstract Fine Art Images!
    I’m so happy you’re here.
    You might be wondering, is this the right class for me?
    Let me see if I can help --
    I designed this class for the Beginners or Intermediate Learner of Photoshop in mind, who either doesn’t know how to do Photo Manipulation in Photoshop, or
    a Little more experienced person in Photoshop who wants to learn how I made this Abstract Concept Art Photo Manipulation in Photoshop.
    This course is for you if :-
    You’re someone who’s creative, interested in Photo Manipulation, and, most of all, You love to Play with different tools in Photoshop.
    At the End of this Class you will be able to create Your own Creative Abstract Art Photo Manipulation.
    Right approach to take this class is Follow Along using your Free access to Exercise files or if you want you can use your own resources.
    or even if you are just watching this class you would enjoy the Process How I create this Amazing Photo Manipulation which would feed creative juices to your mind.
    I would request you to post your Photo Manipulation to the class Project Section and let me and other student give feedback to you, so that you can strengthen your learning.
    So What are you waiting for? Go Ahead and Get this Amazing class & Start Creating Abstract Concept Art & Take your Post Processing to whole new level!

    Link download: [LOCK]https://www.fshare.vn/file/ZCEP3YDNXF1K[/LOCK]


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