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Web and Mobile App Designer (Ui/ Ux) - part time - Ho Chi Minh for foreign company.

Chủ đề thuộc danh mục 'Tuyển dụng việc làm' được đăng bởi Eric Bui, 14/7/15.

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  1. Eric Bui Mới đăng kí

    Job Descriptions:
    • The Web and Mobile Graphic Designer will be responsible for the visual design of web project, mobile applications, features and functionality within a healthcare web application, evaluating current designs within all sites while offering suggestions for improvement.

    • The ideal candidate has health care and enterprise web based software design experience as well as proficiency with graphics and illustrative design while using Adobe products (i.e Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), strong personal initiative and is interested and informed on new and emerging web technologies and design practices.

    • Creates Web pages, mobile apps screens by designing and executing user interface elements, graphics, animation, demos, and tutorials; supporting the visual, branding, navigational and stylistic needs of the Websites, Web applications or Mobile Applications.

    • Illustrates concept by designing rough layout of images and copy; resolving issues of arrangement, size, type size and style, and related aesthetic concepts.

    • Completes Web/Mobile projects, by coordinating with development teams.

    • The job will be lasted as long as you are interested in working here.

    Job Requirements:
    • Adobe creative Suite: Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / Flash

    • Abreast of latest technologies and online web/mobile design and development trends

    • Ability to create design in responsive websites

    • Strong design portfolio with 2+ year experience creating effective designs across a broad variety of digital channels (i.e. websites, mobile, web applications, complex dashboards, social media, etc.).

    • Continuously iterate and innovate on the development of web pages that may include clickable prototypes, mobile/responsive layout, data feeds and integration of social media features

    • Strong experience in UI/UX design with human factors engineering.

    • Ability to design major components of a website and set standards across project assets

    • Ability to create a compelling Web experience by developing multimedia Web content.

    • Solid knowledge of web design standards

    • Good organisational and planning skills

    • Ability to manage own work schedule and ensure that deadlines are met

    • Excellent attention to detail and creative flair.

    • Ability to provide strong conceptual design solutions

    • Able to work independently and in teams – require at least 2 two face-to-face meeting with developing team per week – after office hours or weekends.


    · Good salary, and depending on performance, maybe become a full-time staff with meaningful equity

    · A good reputation as one of key members of our start-up.

    · A professional and friendly environment where team members work and have fun together

    Candidate sends your CV, cover letter with last or current salary to email: hr@biolinks.com.sg

    about our company

    BioLinks (BioLinks.com.sg) is a funded, fast growing technology start-up located in Singapore with innovative technology pattern. The founders are passionate experienced entrepreneurs who have few prior start-ups. We aim to create wearable devices for health care and wellness (fitness, sleep monitoring, diagnosis, etc.). Our mission is to link technologies and bio methodologies (heart rate, breath or even body’s temperature) together to improve community’s health easier than ever by monitoring, detecting the early problems and changes happen on human body. Like Misfit, we are building an off-shore office in Ho Chi Minh to do R&D, but we focus on developing wearable medical device than wearable fitness trackers.

    BioLinks is looking to build a team of inspired, self-driven, analytical, flexible and focused individuals who bring great energy into a new enterprise with their experience, skills and winning attitude. If you get excited about building new things and aren't daunted by the challenge of building something from scratch, then this opportunity will be just your cup of tea. We are looking for strong candidates that thrive on the challenges associated with building new products and developing intellectual property. The successful candidate will enjoy engaging in substantive technical discussions and is passionate about his/ her trade. Expectations are very high in terms of skill, motivation, self-organization and productivity.

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    zu177 Thành viên cấp 1

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