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Chủ đề thuộc danh mục 'Kiến trúc - Nội thất đẹp' được đăng bởi Phạm Hữu Dư, 23/4/14.

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    [​IMG]1 |Photographer: Antony Crolla

    One example of simple space repurposing would be to utilize the unused area under a staircase, like this cozy double bed set up. The custom made platform bed fits snugly into the under-stair alcove, and the design also incorporates under-bed and over-bed storage that runs straight into the side of the stairs too.

    [​IMG]2 |

    The under-stair area also works great for hideaway day beds/reading nooks like this one.

    [​IMG]3 |Photographer: Atlantic Archives

    Bunks under a sloping roof, like in this loft space, are a great solution where precious floor space is eaten by a central stairwell. This particular example also incorporates a set of space saving storage shelves in each bunk cubby.

    [​IMG]4 |

    Bunk beds make full use a rooms vertical space, and make better use of the floor space than a set of twin beds. This elegant set takes on the characteristics of a four poster bed complete with canopy, and transforms into a double decker of day beds during the daylight hours.

    [​IMG]5 |

    Bunk beds are a great layout hack for getting more sleeping space out of a lesser floor area, but these bunk beds take up the least space of all: a shallow wall panel acts as the holding dock in which the beds can be folded away with ease when not in use.

    [​IMG]6 |

    This bedroom harbors four beds but still looks to have masses of floor space. The centrally placed ladder becomes a design feature rather than a hindrance, and the clean crisp lines of the bunks almost become moment of contemporary architecture.

    [​IMG]7 | Via: Dwell

    Generally, when you move the bedding space up, you are be able to find room for a lot more things. Storage shelves, a clothes rail and even a wash basin find a home under this high shelf-bed; the arrangement here also makes nice use of the high placed windows.

    [​IMG]8 | Designer: Remo Zimmerli - Photographer: Rob Lewis

    This adult cabin bed makes room for a home library and media cabinet, which allows the extra gained floor space to become a lounge and entertainment area. A dual use makes a small bedroom feel like a much more luxurious suite.

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